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“Yoga is more about standing on your own two feet than being twisted into a pretzel!”

Yoga for Health :

  1. Increases circulation.
  2. Increases relaxation.
  3. Reduces stress.
  4. Takes the body/mind from fight or flight to rest and relax.
  5. Can shorten healing time following an injury.
Ayurvedic Challenge

Yoga Can Help

Yoga can be included in a health regime quite easily. There are many forms of yoga to suite about any personality.

The practice of yoga has removed arthritis from my spine. It has also banished the pain in my wrists from many years in front of a computer.


"I really look forward to yoga class. Not only is it fun, but my flexibility, posture and strength have all improved."
Heather H.
"Yoga is a positive impact on my life."
Linda R.
"The last two-three years that I have been coming to yoga, I have noticeably become much more in tune with my body. I can feel and control my muscles, breath, and thoughts more than I thought was possible! I feel refreshed, balanced, and at peace when I leave your class!!! It is a fantastic way to begin my day! Thanks Pam"
Renee H.